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It’s all the experience of people who came here, and the "god details" of bathroom design are all gathered here.

The details of the bathroom will determine our experience. If we do not do a good job, it will affect our long-term life experience.
In this issue, we have summarized the experience of people, so that everyone is no longer confused when decorating the bathroom.
Washing table area
1. The bathroom cabinet is suspended by 30 cm
The bathroom cabinet hangs 30 cm in the air, which is better to clean than leaving a small gap. You can also put storage baskets at the bottom, and the whole is not bulky. Of course, if you do this, it is best to make the toilet drain as a wall drain, so that the bottom will not expose the ugly drain pipe.
2. Drawer bathroom cabinet
We mentioned the drawer-type bathroom cabinet many times. You don't need to squat down to find it when you take it. The items can be sorted easily, which is much more convenient than a flat door.
3. Washbasin extends laundry area
The washbasin is extended, the bottom does not need to be a cabinet, and the washing machine is inserted into it, and there is a combined washing area, and because it is close to the bathroom, the washing line is short and convenient.
4. One-piece basin
The convenience of the washbasin is in order: integrated basin>under counter basin> above counter basin. The integrated countertop is very easy to clean, and it is super convenient to wipe it with a rag. Unless someone is more patient to take care of, it is not recommended to use an above counter basin, because cleaning is too troublesome.
5. Dry and wet separation
The toilet cannot be separated in the Japanese style, and it is better to separate the wet and dry, so that washing and going to the toilet will not interfere with each other, especially if the household has a large population.
6. Double basin
If the home has enough space and the resident population is ≥3 people, of course, it is recommended to use double basins. Whether it is going out in the morning or washing in the evening, it will not be crowded. The washing for two people is warm and practical.
7. Mirror front light
Install mirror headlights in the bathroom so that girls can apply makeup directly in the bathroom, and there will be no shadows on their faces when they look in the mirror.
8. Semi-open mirror cabinet
Fully enclosed mirror cabinets are more troublesome to handle and will make the bathroom messy. Therefore, when customizing mirror cabinets, it is recommended to use semi-open ones. In the mirror cabinet, items that are not commonly used or stocked can be stored, while items that are frequently used can be placed in the open area.
9. Wall-mounted three treasures
In addition to the mirror cabinet and common skin care products, the three essential wall-mounted treasures in the wash area: towel rack + soap box + toothbrush holder are also indispensable.
Needless to say, the towel rack is very easy to use. Nowadays, the soap box has become a must-have for almost every house. If it is a soap box directly on the countertop, there will be marks on the backstage after a few days, and it is not easy to clean. The double wall-mounted type would be better. s Choice.
Whether it is a toothbrush holder or other racks in the bathroom, it is recommended to choose a multi-functional one as much as possible, so that you can store toothpaste and toothbrushes, but also place some essential facial cleaning supplies, instead of hanging a pile on the wall!
10. Universal faucet
The toilet is installed with a universal faucet and cleaning the countertop is one aspect. The main reason is that washing your hair will be easier, especially the hair of boys is easy to get oily, you need to wash your hair in the morning, so you don't need to get your head stuck in the washbasin.
It is recommended that everyone use the universal faucet that can be installed on the original basis, so that there is no need to reinstall the faucet. Like this universal faucet, it is very convenient. It looks like a small extender. When installing, it is not necessary to remove the original faucet, just connect it directly, which is very convenient.