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Regardless of the size of the bathroom, 5 "points" must be remembered, clean and tidy

I suggest everyone: Regardless of the size of the bathroom, these 5 "points" must be remembered, clean and tidy. Speaking of the bathroom, its importance is really self-evident, so we can say that we are very careful in the pre-decoration of the bathroom.

Only by effectively using every indoor space can a more comfortable family environment be constructed. Don’t forget the key points of the many bathroom interior decorations below!

I suggest everyone: Regardless of the size of the bathroom, the five "key points" must be remembered, tidy, clean and tidy!

1. The mop should be summarized
The mop must be cleaned after the general application, but generally there is no professional drying mop equipment in the home, which causes the mop to be often placed on the living balcony or wall foot to dry after cleaning. The mop grows moldy and rots.

Therefore, for the storage of mops and brooms, we can use this very practical mop hanger. With it, we can suspend them for storage, which is more conducive to draining water and will continue to make the home look more clean and tidy. .

2. The toilet must be mildew proof
Next to the toilet and stainless steel sink, many people have structural glue in their homes, but the structural glue has been used for a long time, and the condition of the bathroom is very wet and cold, so it often turns black and mold...The sealed area has long been changed. It became a dark line, how ugly and unsightly it was. I found an employee to do it again, and it also cost a few hundred yuan.

The toilet can be equipped with moisture-proof and mildew-removing tape, which can be attached to the interface between the toilet and the floor. It is waterproof and mildew-removing and easy to clean. It can also be used on the joints of kitchen utensils.

3. Store tissues well
Toilet paper is inseparable at home. Therefore, a particularly practical moisture-proof drawer is also necessary. It can store toilet paper. From then on, there is no need to worry that the wet and cold bathroom will get the toilet paper wet and will not cause consumption.

And the upper side of this drawer is especially flat, it can help people to store some gadgets more easily, has a good storage function, and kills two birds with one stone.

4. Store slippers well
When we take a shower in the bathroom, slippers must be worn, and each person must wear a pair of slippers. If all these slippers are placed on the ground, the originally small bathroom will be even more messy.

Therefore, we can apply this slippers hanger, it can also store the slippers of the bathroom more quickly, and the used slippers are hung on it, which is also conducive to controlling dry water. It is foldable and can store several pairs of slippers at one time, which is very land-saving. It can be expanded and contracted during the unnecessary process, and it does not occupy indoor space.

5. To replace the universal faucet
The traditional water faucet has a single outlet method, but sometimes there are many inconvenient areas. Then the universal ball faucet can effectively solve this problem.

Different from the traditional faucet, it has shortcomings such as too short distance and inability to adjust the viewing angle;
In the process of hand washing and disinfection, water is easy to splash, and the surface of the table is full of water, which will continue to wet the clothes and pants. When you want to wash, the corners of the sink can't be washed up, let alone washing your hair!

The shape of the universal ball faucet is very simple. It is a small widening device. When installed, it is unnecessary to remove the original faucet and connect it immediately, which is very convenient.